About Twala

I have been fascinated by fashion since childhood. A dream to major in fashion was, however, set aside for more practical concerns and I took on a career in human resources and organizational development. In fact, for several years I essentially had the job George Clooney had in “Up in the Air” – closed factories, let people go, created severance packages, real fun stuff.

Retail therapy was often required to keep my sanity. I often giggled to myself that if those people across the desk from me saw what I was wearing under my work clothes, these tough situations would go more smoothly.

When I would go lingerie shopping, I would always find things wrong with the items I wanted to buy. More often than not, I would bring something home and fix it. That’s where I started to find my own expression and style.

Finally, the opportunity came my way to live out my dream. I now am able to create intimate apparel to put that giggle in your mind and a smile on your partner’s face.

I hope you enjoy wearing my creations as much as I have enjoyed designing them.